“Gomera” my latest album, is out on 19th Feb 2024. Im looking forward to some reviews for this.


“Condatis” Read my indiereview magazine article here:-

Decoding the Genius of Mark Styles’ Latest Creation: ‘Condatis’ – Review Indie


Well my album “True words” did tremendously well on the music platforms and got some great feedback. I have my fingers crossed for “Condatis” which will be out on 30th Oct 23


Some amazing results from my track “Waiting for another day“. Hitting the highs on Spotify.



A realy big shout out to Joshua Smotherman at Indie music discovery, for adding my song “Withered land” to his Spotify playlist. Please check out with wonderful playlist. Thank you Joshua.


I am really happy to see that my blues ballard “Rollin down the river“, made it to No 1 in the Hypedit charts. This was one of my earliest songwriting projects. Prior to re-recording, I changes the key from major to minor and was surprised by the change in atmosphere. I also added an extra verse.