Released 19th Feb 2024

Inspired by his recent music residency in La Gomera, Mark lays down his thoughts and feelings, in this latin vibe recollection of his stay. The unusual characters and the warm sub tropical landscape paint a vivid picture, which Mark weaves into lyrical, short stories, laced with latin horns, shakers and rhythmic guitar.

Current day concerns, ecological disasters and conspiracies, along with historical events, are discussed in a subtle, sensitive & lyrical fashion. The combination of difficult subject matter, interesting audio sweeps, riser effects and haunting melodies, makes this body of work, a further, big step forward, in Mark”s music creation process. His best work to date.

This is a songwriter album. Carefully constructed lyrics, arranged around a piano chord structure. Occasional guitar, threaded through and interesting subject matter. This work is a contrast to Mark’s previous projects, and introduces the listner to a more contemporay side to his music.

Latest Album

A hint of change in direction in Mark’s collection. A Story of the soul’s journey, from birth, death & rebirth. Based around a derelict chapel on the west coast of Lewis.

Captivating & mysterious

An unusual take on country. Mark delves into dark country and retro rock, with the obligatory bluegrass standard and a smattering of oldtime banjo. An interesting take on west coast sound in “Surf all night”, adds a little humour to the album.

A full on spiritual journey, through the chakras & kundalini. Visiting the stages of soul evolution. This album addresses the obstacles, which need to be overcome, to arrive at enlightenment. Mark mixes genre and styles, offering a broad range of sounds, which sit comfortably, side by side, in this interesting album.

Lyrically and musically, simple, straightforward, delta blues.

Little electric blues and loads of slide. Mark captures the essence of the delta with his acoustic take on this genre. Atmospheric and raw. A relaxing vibe throughout.

Retro rock, punk, banjo and blues. This album has it all.

Mark stiches, seamlessly together, a multitude of genre. The retro sound is predominant throughout and the vibe is generally upbeat.

An album in which Mark attempts to expand his library of sounds.

Traditional, acoustic rockabilly and rythmn.

This album is for the rockabilly pureist. There is no pandering to over quick beats and electric vibes. This is Travis picking, slapping bass and vocals.

A moody and bluesy album with contemporary lyrics.

The first of Mark’s albums and somewhat rustic, in its production.

Mark pulls together, fragments of his oldtime banjo playing, with contemporary lyrics, occasional bluegrass and a good old sprinkling of rockabilly.

A clawhammer banjo album and very much, Mark’s take on some obscure oldtime tunes.

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