Inspiration & motivation.

Mark is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, international recording artist and producer, based in the UK. His influences derive from Folk, Country, Rock, Swing and Blues.

He has had a long term connection with Americana and and has developed a distinctive style in the genre.

His aim is to merge the retro genre into contemporary music and provide variation to the his alternative sounds. His portfolio integrates musical passion with contemporary lyrics, spanning numerous styles of music. His raw, authentic approach and drive has elevated him to the cutting edge of alternative music and provided a great foundation for his ever evolving projects, both in the UK and internationally.

Mark’s current works are exploring more contemporary structures. Songwriting around a piano framework and a poetic lyrical content. He is also heavily involved in trans-atlantic collaborations, bringing together, cultural and ethnic variations to his music.

He forsees an ever evolving progression towards meaningful and real music and a continuing development of his music production and studio skills.

Mark has attended Uk and International art/music residencies in his quest for colaboration and inspiration and is always searching for new approaches and ideas to expand his knowledge of music.

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